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Academy T is the brainchild of TripCanvas, an online travel magazine promoting travel to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. We have been doing content marketing in the travel space since 2014 and we were one of the market leaders in in-bound tourism marketing, with more than 78 million visitors to our site.

Covid-19 has taken the world by storm since 2020. Many industries were caught unprepared, and much of what we used to do in the travel industry had grounded to a complete halt.

If you're a consultant, coach/instructor, advisor or business owner of a small/medium company also trying to deal with this crisis, we feel you. Digital marketing used to be a good-to-have, but it has inevitably become the de facto mode to do business across the board.

And this is why we set up Academy T – to empower you with digital marketing knowledge so that you can not only survive this crisis but thrive in this competitive digital landscape.

If you are a content marketer seeking to create content that generates not just traffic and engagement but sales, you've also come to the right place. We want to empower you with the important marketing fundamentals that are often neglected in many digital and content marketing courses, such as a good understanding of human behaviour and how to use this understanding to create viral content that can help you sell effectively.

We believe


That digital marketing is not about chasing ever-changing algorithms but about understanding the psychology and behaviour of your audience and clients/customers.

If your content, marketing or sales strategies don't work, most of the time, it's because of the message. Platforms and algorithms can change, but the fundamental strategies of viral marketing will always remain the same. And this is what we want to empower you with, so that you can make use of these strategies and apply them to the digital landscape in a way that will multiply your results exponentially.

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