Candice Neo


About Candice

Content marketing editor at Academy T, travel editor at TripCanvas

“I’m currently both a content marketer at Academy T and a travel editor at TripCanvas, an online travel magazine which promotes travel in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Since I joined TripCanvas 5 years ago, my team and I have grown the magazine’s page views to 1 billion.

Having been trained in online content creation and strategy, I'm able to craft content that are optimised for SEO and social media.

Currently, I'm also writing about love and relationships, starting a web novel project, and interviewing startup founders in Asia.

On weekends, you can find me curled up at my reading nook with Austen and other classics, teaching and mentoring teens, or having conversations about relationships and skincare.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Studies (Hons) and a specialisation in journalism, I’m also deeply passionate about uncovering untold stories in various corners of the world.”

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