We help finance, property and software services professionals 2-3x their 6-figure businesses

We help finance, property and software services professionals 2-3x their 6-figure businesses

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We help finance, property and software service professionals 2-3x their 6-figure businesses

Get quality leads and become the go-to expert in your trade without chasing after prospects

We understand the pain of using a cookie-cutter marketing approach that makes these mistakes:

1. Lack of business offers

The most advanced funnels, heat mapping software, and Facebook media-buy experts can’t save an undesirable offer.

Most digital marketing practices will try to fix a bland offer with yet another cool design and “proprietary” audience targeting.


2. Lack of customer understanding and storytelling

More than 90% of the ads out there rely heavily on discounts or product messaging.

Few make the effort to understand their customers’ deepest fears, hopes, and dreams.


3. Lack of strategy in addressing customers’ objections

It’s common to use a wait-and-see approach in planning ad creatives.

But the result is you might end up getting leads who may not be ready to buy from you.

If you want to become the top achievers in your industry and achieve your next breakthrough, you need high-ticket purchases. And high-ticket purchases don’t happen the first time your prospects see your ad.

You need to be able to handle their objections so that they will feel compelled to sign up for an appointment with you.


4. No conversion funnel

A Facebook lead form is a cheap way to generate a lot of leads – until it doesn’t convert more sales for you anymore.

A prospect who goes through your website, understands your business offer, and answers the necessary qualified questions tends to be more genuine and not ghost you.


What if someone can help you generate leads with 30-50% appointment setup rate?


This is made possible with our 3-step framework.

We deliver persuasive content and ads: The right way To the right people At the right time

The right way: Pain point-driven marketing strategy


Most agencies charge you based on the number of content or ads they deliver and share them on social media without a plan. This results in content that often doesn’t solve your prospects' needs, hence not generating traffic that builds demand for you.

We will identify your market positioning and branding, and do in-depth target audience research. These are all part of our content strategy that can consistently drive quality traffic and leads to you.

The right content: Expert content well-loved by humans and search engines


Many people hire freelance writers who don't have expertise in your industry. They are usually not more knowledgeable than your prospects, so it would be tough for them to come up with content that can wow them.

Instead of creating beginner content that drives un-targeted traffic, we create expert content that builds demand. All content writing will be well-researched and complemented with visuals to optimise for SEO and social sharing.

The right people at the right time: Customised strategies for lead generation and content promotion


It's common to see some people use the same pool of recycled audience sets, the same templated ads creatives and funnel designs. This results in extreme competition due to ad fatigue, which results in low-quality leads.

We don't work with many similar clients with similar target audiences and niches. Instead of using the same audience pool and ad creatives generated from templates, we do customised AB testing to optimise your ad spending to get the most cost-effective reach, engagement, and leads.

Our digital marketing methodology in a nutshell


You can assess our performance based on:

1. The reach, engagement and qualified leads we generate for you with well-defined KPIs.

2. The assets we build for you, which include:

  • a landing page that articulates your offer well
  • demand-building content that builds your brand in the long run.
Get 2-3x quality leads and supercharge your business growth

Stop wasting time and money on cheap unqualified leads.

Why work with us?

At Agency T, we have 6 years of experience running our digital travel media arm at TripCanvas with 1 billion page views.

We have referred more than USD $5.7 million in annual booking revenue for more than 120 clients.


We have experience working with professional service providers such as financial advisors, real estate agents and accounting firms – helping them to build a sales engine that can generate leads for them in the long term.


Our team

Your project will be handled by seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of the SEA audience.

Terence Leong
Terence Leong Managing Director and Growth Specialist
Candice Neo
Candice Neo Managing Editor
Aaron Cheah
Aaron Cheah Graphics and Tech Specialist
Benjamin Chew
Benjamin Chew Performance Marketer

Who do we serve best?

Financial advisors
Financial advisors
Real estate agents
Real estate agents

Interior design firms
Interior design firms
Technology / SAAS
Technology / SAAS
Complex products sellers
Complex products sellers

We deliver the full potential of your professional services so you can focus on serving your clients.

Still unsure?

Reach out for a free 1-hour marketing growth strategy session with us, where we will:

  1. Audit your existing business offers
  2. Identify your target audience gap
  3. Streamline your goals and lay out the scope of work required to achieve it
  4. Spot holes in your marketing campaign structure and what to do next

Because 1-on-1 consultations are time-consuming, we will only admit 1 applicant per week (on average, it costs $500 to do an audit like this).

Frequently asked questions

1. How are you different from other agencies?
  • Go-to market strategy: Most agencies only plan out monthly ad creatives or social media content based on what you want to post. They work to serve you but we work with you to serve your clients. We strategise a digital marketing blueprint that focuses on pain points and builds demand for you, with an understanding of your competition in mind. This supercharges your marketing game and beats other competitors who may only know how to create beginner content.
  • Persuasive content and ads: We don't create discount/product messaging ads or fluff content. We are able to break things down into simple-to-understand concepts and sustain readers' attention through persuasive storytelling and in-house visual design. When needed, we are also able to come up with our own analyses from your expert input, so we can produce expert content ideas for you (which most agencies usually don't do).
  • Experimental framework: Instead of just clicking the launch button and leaving everything to chance, we optimise the ad creatives and content (such as testing out various headlines, feature images, call-to-action buttons, sign-up processes, etc) to improve your campaigns' metrics and build your lead-gen engine.
  • Knowledge and blueprint sharing: You will gain first-hand industry-specific marketing knowledge and insights from our implementation of your digital marketing blueprint (business offer creation + ad strategies + content framework + audience targeting).
2. What kind of KPIs can I expect from your digital marketing services?

We will plan the digital marketing campaign to achieve your business goals. Depending on whether you are looking to improve your brand presence or increase qualified leads, we will develop some business numbers and KPIs (benchmarked against the industry standard) that we can rely on to determine the success of the partnership.

3. What are the guarantees you can offer?

Just like any kind of investment, nobody can predict the future and make guarantees – you should be wary of anyone who does.

What we will commit to the best of our ability is to work towards the goal we have set forth to make our partnership a success.

4. Who comes up with the ad creatives and content ideas?

Our in-house content marketing team will use our proprietary social listening techniques to conceptualise and tailor-make your content strategy, so that our content addresses your prospects' potential objections.

We will also do in-depth research, put up interesting pointers and analyses for your expert content and consult you for industry expertise.

5. What can I expect from your digital marketing services?

a. Fully done-for-you marketing blueprint

We will identify your market positioning and branding and do in-depth target audience research, which will guide our content and ad strategies.

b. A landing page with well-optimised conversion

A 24/7 salesperson that:

  • communicates your offer clearly,
  • showcases your unique selling points, and
  • addresses your prospects' objections.

c. High-quality expert storytelling ads that impress your prospects

We create expert content that builds demand and displays a deep understanding of your customers’ deepest fears, hopes, and dreams. All content and videos will be well-researched to optimise results for you.

d. Customised ad strategies for lead generation and content promotion

We do rigorous AB testing to optimise your ad spending to get the most cost-effective reach, engagement, and high-quality leads.

6. What is content marketing?

Content marketing is using content, such as videos, blog posts, visual stories, social media album posts, webinars, etc, to build demand for your products and services.

These content pieces enable your prospects to better understand the value of your products and services, so that they would want to get in touch with you for a consultation call or purchase your products.

Get 2-3x quality leads and supercharge your business growth

Stop wasting time and money on cheap unqualified leads.

3. How much do you charge?

Different clients and industries have different goals and requirements. We will need to better understand your requirements and goals before we share with you our most competitive quote tailor-made for you.

We don't price in "negotiation margin" in our quote as we believe in giving our clients the most cost-efficient solutions to ensure a long-term partnership. However, if you wish to have a basic understanding, here's a general range you can expect depending on the scope of work.

7. If I were to engage your content marketing service, how soon can I see results?

We recommend an engagement period of 6 months to a year to make sense of your ROI. Content marketing is not the same as advertising, where you put in $1 and expect to get $1 back immediately.

Content marketing is an ongoing process to give value to your potential clients and build demand for your products and services. Good content can help you build trust with your prospects for a long time and generate leads for you consistently.

This is like sowing seeds. An apple tree may take years to grow and start bearing fruit, but when it happens, it will continue to put food on the table for many years to come. The longer you wait to sow the seeds, the later you will reap the rewards.

We help real estate agents get qualified leads and 10x their sales
We help real estate agents get qualified leads and 10x their sales
We help financial advisors get qualified leads and 10x their online sales
We help financial advisors get qualified leads and 10x their online sales

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