We help financial advisors get qualified leads and 10x their online sales

We help financial advisors get qualified leads and 10x their online sales

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We help financial advisors get qualified leads and 10x their online sales

With our niche focus, we help you get qualified clients through digital marketing.


What does it take to go from cold-calling/roadshows to killing it in your online marketing?

  • Are you still doing cold-calling and roadshows? It will probably still get you some leads, but you might notice that getting a meaningful ROI is getting harder and harder.
  • Going online seems to be the way to go, and you might have seen some success from your fellow advisor friends who started early.
  • However, why is it so hard to stand out online nowadays with so much competition? It doesn't help that you can't really display your clients' results because of compliance issues, which makes it even harder to market your services online.
  • It's expensive to hire lead generation services and sometimes you might be getting low-quality leads who might not be ready to engage your services.

We understand digital marketing for financial advisors can be very overwhelming.


You must have heard about these terms... Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Facebook Ads, A/B Testing, Lead Generation, Cost Per Acquisition, Landing Page, Click-Through Rate (CTR), Google Analytics, Retargeting, and many more.

In professional trades of managing money, content is key to building your authority


How do you convince your prospects to park their money with you, knowing that you will be able to help them potentially beat the market?

How do they know that they will be in safe hands in terms of getting products with good coverage and decent premium?

Great content marketing can help you achieve all that without having you do all the difficult hard sell and look like a scammy salesman.

Our Solution: Lead generation through thought leadership content marketing

With our specialisation in Financial Advisory Content Marketing Services, we help you to apply the right marketing strategy in this niche market so that you can get super qualified leads.

  • We use a niche content marketing strategy to educate the market about the importance of financial planning and financial advisory services.
  • Through our carefully crafted content that addresses common objections from your prospects, you will be able to show the real value of your services in an educational, informative, and authentic manner.

This builds trust in your potential clients and builds demand for your services.

How are we different?

It's common to see some agencies use the same template for their copywriting, target audience, and funnel design they have done for their other clients. Some even go as far as to recycle their leads. They may run similar ads for you and your competitors at the same time, to the same pool of audience, resulting in low-quality leads.

✅ Instead of using similar templates and ads, we customise our strategy for you according to your specific niche.

✅ While some agencies out there don't help you with your positioning, we spend time and effort to understand your offering, niche and strength, to help you refine your positioning so that your clients know that you are the best person to help them.

✅ We don't work with many similar clients with similar target audiences and niche, so you can ensure that we are getting the best results for your niche only for you. We believe in working long-term with a few clients so we can continue generating top results for you.

✅ While some agencies simply market your products or company, we help you sell your expertise. People connect with people, not products. This is how we help you build trust with your potential clients.

We help you become the Top 10% Financial Advisor

Covid-19, together with the rise of Robo-advisors, has pushed the entire financial planning industry online at an unprecedented speed.

Like the financial industry, even with tonnes of content and financial blogs out there, there's still opportunities for you to cut through the noise and stand out if you have the right strategy and expertise.

Not many agencies are specialised in financial advisory content like we are, nor adopting the expert-level demand-building content marketing strategy we are using.

Also, we don't outsource your content to cheap freelance writers, because it simply doesn't work. Our team consists of skilled content strategists and marketers who deeply understand the financial advisory industry.

By focusing on our niche, we help you develop your content marketing blueprint that works 24/7 to bring in leads in the long run, so that you can reach your Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) or even MDRT Top of the Table (TOT) more quickly.

What you will get from our content marketing services


1. Fully done-for-you content marketing blueprint

Most agencies just write content haphazardly and share it on social media without a plan. We will identify your market positioning and branding and do deep target audience research, which will guide our content and ad strategies.


2. A landing page with well-optimised conversion

A 24/7 salesperson that communicates your offering and unique selling points clearly and addresses prospects' objections.


3. High-quality content that impresses your prospects

Instead of creating beginner content that drives un-targeted traffic, we create expert content that builds demand. All content writing will be well-researched and complemented with visuals to optimise for SEO and social sharing.


4. Customised ad strategies for lead generation and content promotion

Instead of using the same audience pool and ad creatives generated from templates, we do rigorous AB testing to optimise your ad spending to get the most reach, engagement and leads.

Our content marketing methodology
Our content marketing methodology

You can assess our performance based on:

1. The reach, engagement and qualified leads we generate for you with well-defined KPIs.

2. The assets we build for you including your offer page that articulates your offering well, and demand-building content that builds your brand in the long run.

Our experience

At Agency T, we have 6 years of experience running our digital travel media arm at TripCanvas with 1 billion page views and referring more than USD $5.7 million annual booking revenue for more than 120 clients.

We have experience working with professional service providers like financial advisors, real estate agents, and accounting firms – helping them to build an engine that can generate leads for them in the long term.

We don't provide the cheapest service in the market, but we can deliver well-executed projects at a great value (just like what matters most is the returns you generate for your clients, instead of focusing on the cost of investing alone).

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