Why it’s pointless to plan a perfect sales funnel

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Why it’s pointless to plan a perfect sales funnel

Author Terence Leong

This is another reminder that we are marketing to humans, not robots.

And why humans’ decision-making processes are so wonderfully complex.

Recently this lead came through our funnel after 31 days (having responded to one of our retargeting ads)

We plowed through the user journey and found an interesting observation.


This person initially responded to the cold campaign ads → wandered around and played with the calculator → check out the services provided → didn’t do anything and exited the website.

31 days later, he saw another retargeted ad → Viewed a blog article → Go to the submission page, and eventually submitted his information and booked a call.

Leads like this usually have a very high sales closing rate, and our clients often ask us how can we get more for them.

Sometimes in the digital marketing scene, we gravitate toward getting immediate results.

We want everything quick and fast, and we hope we can deliver immediate ROI for our ads campaign tomorrow.

Sometimes, we put out insanely attractive offers but nobody bites it.

We can plan wonderful funnels that play on scarcity, urgency, frictionless checkout, etc.

But if we are not addressing the objections and delivering what the customers want, none of these matter.

This is especially true for professional services providers and complex products sellers (such as those providing investment services, property consultations, or SAAS)

For those of you in these industries, your potential customers or clients often require more education on the products/services you provide and you need to build trust with them first.

It pays to be patient and keep investing in content that communicates your expertise.

In my view, content marketing is still one of the most effective long-term solutions for building trust and establishing authority.

It’s not easy, but if you do it consistently over the long term, it will be like planting an apple tree – and it will put food on the table for many years to come.

For fellow content creators and marketers out there, the FB algorithm hasn’t been kind to us in recent years. I hope with patience, grit, and a heart to deliver the best quality stuff will help you ride through the waves and stand out among a sea of competitors. Cheers!

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