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Thank you for your submission!

We will take some time to look through your application and understand your business better.

Meanwhile, please pick your preferred time here for your marketing audit session with me.

Upon successful application, we'll contact you within 1 working day to confirm the details of the meeting time. Here's what you can expect from our conversation next if your application is successful:

  1. First, we will ask you more about your current situation how you are currently generating awareness and leads for your business.
  2. We will try to understand what has been working and not working for you so far.
  3. You can also share with us the outcome you wish to achieve.
  4. After we learn more about your situation, at the end we will evaluate and give some high-level recommendations on what are the potential things you could do to generate more awareness.
  5. And at the end of the call, if you like our ideas, we can then work together.

Meanwhile, you can read some of our thoughts on content marketing here.

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