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Viral Content Marketing Course

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These viral marketing strategies helped us generate 78 Million traffic and USD $5.7 Million sales from more than 120 clients

Course Overview

What's the real secret to creating viral content that generates an influx of clients and massive sales? How can you make use of an understanding of clients/consumers' behaviour to uncover their hidden needs, find your profitable niche, and invoke emotions in your target audience to build up trust, trigger them to work with you and buy from you?

How would you unlock your viral potential through SEO and social media growth hacking strategies, earn your clients/customers' trust using funnel psychology and build your digital marketing sales funnel that can enable you to convert sales 24/7, even passively?

In this Viral Content Marketing master course, we will reveal to you our strategies in generating 78 million traffic through our content and USD $5.7 million worth of sales for more than 120 of our clients.

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Course Curriculum



Viral content marketing course: How to create content that supercharges your traffic


You know your products and services can offer great value, you just need better clarity on what to do and how to start generating interest and demand for your products or services. Here, you will learn our exact strategy and blueprint to generate content that builds demand for your products and services and generates leads for you.

No more guessing with our free content marketing blueprint, avoid all the rookie mistakes most newbies make and time wasted. Future proof your business with lifelong business, marketing, copywriting skills that you can apply to Facebook, Google or any other platform in the future.

You will learn how to:

✅ Invoke Emotions using Primal Story Angling

✅ Grab Attention by Crafting Effective Titles

✅ Sustain Attention with Storytelling and Delivery

✅ Stand Out by Mastering Your Visual Game

✅ Be Remembered by Creating Your Memory Point

🎁 [BONUS] How Not to Stay Behind Your Competitors


Coming in 2H 2021 🎉

Discover Your Market Positioning and Profitable Niche


At the start of your content marketing journey, before you do any form of marketing, you need to first get your market positioning right. This means finding a specific target audience, being able to understand and illustrate your customers' specific pain points, demonstrating your unique selling point (i.e. how you are different from others), and prove that your offer works for this audience.

If you don't get this right, any form of marketing would fail, no matter how awesome your marketing campaign is.

Get this right and you will have clients customers looking for you even with less than 1000 followers. Working like a dog but not making enough profit? No need to lower your price to gain attention from your customers anymore by adopting a blue ocean strategy. No more struggling on how to explain your offer to your customers, you can explain in a few seconds what you do, your customers will understand and know how to search for you naturally.

You will learn how to:

✅ Identify a specific target audience through the Hedgehog Concept (spy on your competitors, deep dive into the behaviour of your customers and use demographics and psychographics profiling method to map out their personas) ✅ Understand your customers' specific pain points through Unseen Discovery questioning strategies and social listening techniques ✅ Define your USP and structuring your offer ✅ Show and prove your offer works by using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method to create a solid case study and craft expert-level how-tos that can impress your prospects ✅ Discover your blue ocean and open up a new market space and create new demand, making your competition irrelevant ✅ Use our Demand-building Pain Point Content Strategy Matrix to help with your content creation that build demand for your services and drive sales


Coming in 2H 2021 🎉

Turn Your Traffic into Sales Through Funnel Psychology


Do your potential clients/customers keep ghosting you? Do you have to keep guessing why they are not buying from you? With our qualifying content framework, you can nurture your clients/customers to buy from you automatically by addressing all their concerns, fears and objections.

No more inaction from your clients/customers – with funnel psychology, you can systematically earn their trust, persuade them to take up your offer today rather than waiting indefinitely.

You will learn how to:

✅ Build qualifying content to address all your clients/customers' concerns, fears and objections

✅ Utilize funnel psychology to help build your digital marketing sales funnel

✅ Retarget prospects that can 10x your ads ROI by building a framework to identify them and nurture them through your sequence

✅ Build a 24/7 salesperson that can follow up automatically with a professional sales pitch that doesn't feel like a sales pitch at all, so that you can get sales even passively!


Coming in 2H 2021 🎉

Unlock Your Viral Potential through Marketing Growth Hacks


Here's the challenge that most coaches/instructors, advisors and business owners face: There's too many channels out there – Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, your own website and more. But the truth is, if you understand where your audience is and have a good content marketing strategy, you don't really need to be on all these channels. You just have to be good at 1 to 3 of them. How can you nail down which channels to use, accelerate and supercharge your marketing growth?

You will learn how to:

✅ Growth-hacking strategies that most people don't know

✅ Templates and checklists including SEO and Facebook growth-hacking best practices, so that you can use of these platforms to gain an advantage over your competitors


Coming in 2H 2021 🎉

Scale Your Business through Analyses, Tests and Automation


Once you are ready to scale your business, you need to streamline your campaign processes, through analysing, testing and automating. Don't make the mistake we did – we didn't streamline our processes until things started breaking down and we had two years of burnout, resulting in a lot of inefficiencies and time wasted. So take action before it's too late!

You will learn how to:

✅ Analyse and experiment easily through successful frameworks we have developed

✅ Automate and outsource using effective frameworks and templates

✅ Develop SOPs, briefs and tool list through our well-developed templates

So that you can easily scale your marketing campaign without breaking a sweat!

What's included?

Master Course Perks

Who is this for?

✅ You are a consultant, financial advisor, property agent, fitness/yoga instructor or other professional service providers who rely on giving specialised advice and knowledge to your clients, and you want to know how to create content that gives value and builds trust in your target audience, so that you can ultimately convert them to become your clients

✅ You are a business owner selling a specialised product that can be complicated for your potential customers to understand its full value (eg. specialised cream for people suffering from certain skin problems, specialised health products, etc). You want to create content to educate your potential customers on how your product is different from others out there and why it would work to solve their problems. You want to create content that's valuable and relevant for them so that they will trust you and buy from you.

✅ You are a content marketer doing your best to create content for your clients, but you realise that you have reached a point where you can't achieve a breakthrough – you can't get your clients to pay you significantly more because you are not able to generate consistent traffic, engagement and awareness but you can only rely on selling your services by the hours. You want to level up and create content for your clients that can generate consistent traffic, as well as leads and sales in the long run, so that clients will value your work more and be more willing to pay you a higher fee.

✅ You know your products and services can offer great value, you just need better clarity on what to do and how to start generating interest and demand for your products or services. Here, you will learn our exact strategy and blueprint to generate content that builds demand for your products and services.

✅ You have attended content marketing foundational courses and experimented on your own but didn't get any significant results.

✅ If you are in the media, travel, F&B and hospitality industries, we will be able to offer more specific advice for you too.

Do not proceed any further if:

❌ You have no idea what digital marketing is and only want to find out the basics like setting up a website or Facebook page.

❌ You expect us to tell you how exactly you should run your business. The challenges you are facing in your business are unique. You should have some basic understanding of your customers and we can only show you how you can find deeper actionable insights using our methodology.

❌ You just want to hire a digital marketing agency to help you sell your products, and you are not interested to know how it really works. In this case, you can fill up the form below for a free digital marketing strategy call with us:

❌ You only want to earn quick bucks. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme (you will be better off joining classes that teach you Fulfillment by Amazon, affiliate marketing or investment).

Why should I buy now?

Our course is practical-driven on top of fundamental theories. It took us 6 months to condense all of what we learnt in 6 years running a 78-million-traffic travel media.

  • You will be able apply what we teach straightaway to your business
  • No in-depth technical knowledge needed
  • Easy templates and examples for you to apply in your business again and again
  • 🤞🏼 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 🤞🏼
  • Undervalued 💎 pricing:
    • $335 $85 ONLY for the first 50 purchases [Available now]
    • $335 $190 ONLY for the next 100 purchases
    • $335 $295 ONLY for the next 200 purchases

You may enroll and start Module 1 now. The entire master course will be released over the next 5 months. It's going to sell out fast within 1 week. If you pre-order now, you can get the whole course at ONLY $85 75% discount!

Your Instructor

Terence Leong
Terence Leong Digital & Content Marketing Expert, Start-up Coach, Co-founder of TripCanvas

When I first dabbled in content marketing 6 years ago as the co-founder of a digital travel media company (TripCanvas), I could barely write any content that could get anyone's attention.

But throughout the years, through many experiments and mistakes, my team and I finally found the winning methodology that has helped us attract 78 million visitors to our site, and referred more than USD $5.7 million in booking revenue to more than 120 of our clients (including Airbnb, Marriott, Agoda and more), and I would love to share them with you.

I'm proud of you for taking the first step to consider learning something new. This is a BIG step. Some of you might be consultants, coaches, financial advisors, property agents whose line of work is based on sharing knowledge and dependent on getting clients who value your advice to buy from you. Some of you might be business owners or digital marketers who want to pick up content marketing to greatly increase sales from content. It doesn't matter which journey you're on, but what matters is you want to learn and grow in digital marketing. I'm here to guide you so that you can shorten your learning curve, avoid the expensive mistakes I've made and generate traffic and sales faster than I did before! 💪🏼

Looking forward to having you join us!

Who are we?

At Academy T, we share about digital marketing few experts have done. We will share with you how you can be different in your business and digital marketing strategies that drive sales, drawing from our experience of:

✅ 6 years running a digital media company TripCanvas that has attracted 78 million visitors

✅ Referring more than USD $5.7 million annual booking revenue for more than 120 clients (including Airbnb, Marriott and more)

✅ Consulting dozens of established entities, including Klook, Indonesia Tourism Board and Malaysia Tourism Board on more than USD $0.5 million of content marketing projects

Frequently Asked Questions

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The most powerful form of viral marketing is word-of-mouth marketing:

"Most of the money [you] might ordinarily have spent on advertising should be invested in [your] that customers will do the marketing for [you] through word of mouth.” Tony Hsieh CEO of Zappos.

We will show you exactly how to do so.

Learn how to unlock the power of viral marketing and open the floodgates of massive sales online.

Along the way, we will also be sharing our processes, digital marketing funnels, failures and experiments that we have run so you can find out what digital marketing style works best for your business.

You will learn the fundamentals of long-term asset-building, where you can reach your untapped potential and money will just be the inevitable result.


75% OFF $335 USD

⏱️ ONLY 50 seats available

Trial: You may also try out Module 1 first before upgrading to the full master course.


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